Superb Speaker


From the appearance of his earliest poems, his poetry was received enthusiastically, and he was asked frequently to recite his poems. No one could duplicate his ability in this respect for he delivered each line with exactly the right rhythm and emphasis.  He was already known as a gifted speaker in political circles. As he developed his programs, his ability as a speaker increased, extending far beyond merely reading his own productions.  He frequently spoke at Chautauquas and on the Lyceum circuit.

His keen sense of humor and innate sense of what was of human interest served him well. Had he chosen to focus his efforts in his lyceum work as a lecturer and entertainer to the exclusion of his other abilities, he might have gained worldwide fame. “No better story teller ever appeared on a public platform,” said one who knew him well. “No man ever lived with a readier tongue and a quicker wit and one which could be applied to any situation which arose.” [Editorial - Morgan Country Herald]

Unsolicited testimonials found their way into local papers throughout Ohio and as far away as New York and Boston, further attesting to his popularity. Some were quaint and sometimes emotional and highly laudatory, but all revealed the public’s interest in Naylor both as an entertainer and as a man whom everyone considered a friend and neighbor.