Naylor Biographer

Author of

The Final Test

A Biography of James Ball Naylor

When I started my research it was to find out how James Ball Naylor became a best-selling author at the turn of the twentieth century and then faded into the shadows. It did not take long for me to see clearly that his life was not just a collection of facts and writings to be pieced together. The essence of who he was emerged for me. I discovered in Naylor an exceptionally gifted and confident man who approached life head on. He lived life on his own terms, making choices for himself and his family that ultimately denied him the long lasting fame and fortune that other writers of that period enjoyed.

Early in life Naylor developed a set of moral principles and a sense of integrity that would define him throughout his life. Although he welcomed the acclaim he received over the years, what ultimately mattered most to him were the people he loved and the healing and comfort he brought to others in his role as a physician.

Getting to know this man, James Ball Naylor, has been truly inspirational.  Almost without realizing the impact, I have continually revisited how I make choices and what is truly important in my life.  My hope is that this biography will be an inspirational read for others and introduce a new generation to James Ball Naylor and his literary works.

As a follow on to the biography, a 4-book Tribute Series was developed to showcase Naylor's works. The first was Vintage Verse. Click on the TRIBUTE Link above for more details.

The author and her husband have been full-time RVers for eighteen years and travel the U.S. and Canada extensively.