RV Spot
September 30, 2019

Welcome to our website - Full-time RVers for 18 years, we keep our family informed about the places we have been and who we have seen on our trips. The Search function on the Top menu can be used to find the cities or states we have visited.


This was one of our shortest summer trips ever, but we had medical things to take care of, and, after 13 years of very little problems with our coach, we had one probem after another. As i write this, we are waiting for it to be taken into the shop to get the slides to work again. The drawers in the bedroom are not accessible when the slide is in - that can be a very big problem!

More sad family news. One of Gerry's older nieces, June Dent Shriver who is close to his age - lost her husband Larry N. Shriver this week. His obituary is now posted. Anyone needing an address for June can email or call to get it.

We are plugging away at posting updates of the trip so far - we have finished through our stay in the Malta/McConnelsville area of Ohio. Be sure to refresh your browser if you do not see the new updates. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers! Gerry & Terry

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